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Did you know that 60% of genetics come from does?

Lucky 13 at 4 years old

Morgan Wallen at 2 years old

About Us

We are a family who have always loved deer so we turned that love and passion into a full-blown deer business. Come see it for yourself. We are the finest deer-breeding estate in Indiana.

Quality Care

We believe the size and good health of our animals are a result of the best possible genetics, artificial insemination (AI), along with our top-grade nutrition and most importantly, our daily care.

AWW Breeding Program

Our goal is to see how many 200" 2-year olds we have, or maybe even closer to 300!” We don’t follow the hype and the crowd, we simply pick the best deer that WE like to look at and determine who gets bred that year.

Start Your Own Deer Farm

You own your deer, we do all the work!

Every year, our bucks get bigger and prettier than ever! Year after year we consistently produce plenty of 2 and 3 year olds. Our bred does get sold quickly and we have a lot of return customers. We always strive to keep our costs reasonable so you can get your own farm started too!

Meet Todd

Todd is a former robotics engineer at the GM Plant in Indiana. Todd is now living his dream job: a whitetail deer breeder! He would love to talk about how he can help you get started.

Hunting & Referrals

Hunting in Indiana is great sport for individuals, families, father & son/daughter adventures, club and group annual events. Ask Todd for the best hunting sites and packages available.


We love caring for our deer and sharing our knowledge with others.
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